We return what we ask for


“Although every company is super purple and absolutely unique we think in a rather simple way: we do a great job. This might sound a little bit grey or dull, however, we would like to deliver interesting and valuable projects in line with the latest trends in technology” confesses Péter Imre Daróczi, the managing director of Appwise.

What do you do at Appwise?

We have two business lines; we deal with customizations and support the business processes of our clients. We have synergy between the two project teams. Our broad network and well-defined business partnerships secure relative tranquility to our everyday life; we simply develop and close our projects.

What is your slogan? 

We build trust because we act and think so. I believe that the fundamental cornerstone of good operation is trust. If you build trust with your clients and colleagues, you have a solution to everything. We have responsibility in acting to build this trust day by day. We implement our projects by monitoring our clients’ needs throughout the project and in the meantime, we build our colleagues too.

In what industries can your colleagues try out their skills? 

Our primary market is Hungary, the majority of our clients are state-owned companies. We mainly work on traffic and bank projects most of the time. These are giant customizations.

Why did you start Appwise? 

We wanted to keep together a great team from our previous places of work because we agreed that professionalism is the best material to build outstanding things.

How do you characterize Appwise as an employer?

On the one hand, we work with the maximum respect for private life. Although we may extend working hours before we would close a project, we do not expect this to become a working routine. One of our principles is not to take away, but return what we ask for. We respect and reward every extra mile, but we do not expect anything. On the other hand, the back office is working on to create an atmosphere where people enjoy every minute of their day we are serious when it comes to working. This is not the playground, even though you can relax and play Xbox games in the chill out area.

Open office or home office? 

The managers have their cubicles, developers busy with the customizations work in an open office area. If somebody needs silence and solitude to work on a specific task, home office is the solution. This is administered in a fully controlled manner, we even developed a time and attendance application to support this.

Conflicts are rare, we work in a rather calm environment. The rules are clear for everyone, so we can do what is expected from us. Obviously, accountability plays a key role and we can devote endless debates to solve a technological problem, but we do not have personal conflicts. We try to build a peaceful island where everyone can concentrate on their profession and individual growth.