Selection process at Appwise: fast, sound and competitive


Appwise consciously defines itself as a flat organization. We discuss the selection process applied at Appwise with their HR manager, Tildy-Balogh Enikő

If you had three words to define the selection process at Appwise what would they be?

Fast, sound and competitive. We run two businesses, we work on our own products and outsource our employees to our partners. We contact the applicants usually within 1-2 days and then make an interview appointment into our office at Dorottya Udvar. We are curious about the personality of the applicant in this first interview, that is followed by a professional test. Candidates applying to work at our external partners we have a special interview besides the first two. The selection process is complete within 10-12 days as of the date of the application.

Who are you looking for?

We search for personalities with a creative attitude. We want to hire people who can build and develop our staff while providing space for their professional and characteristic development because this is the basis of innovation. Although we are a young organization, we form a mature professional and business community. Therefore, we primarily focus on integrating the new colleague into the team, to make them feel at home and foster their long-term development as an active member of the staff.

What competencies do you expect from the members of the staff?

Team interest is at the forefront, built on the ability to adapt to our values. We run versatile projects and work with different people, so have to be colorful as a team and have to be capable of change management on an individual level too. As we are working with the latest technology, we have to be able and hungry to learn and develop.

Where are you recruiting actively now?

We are rather active on social media and we strongly rely on the network of our colleagues. If a candidate is referred to it is double positive feedback from our community. On the one hand, we are happy that the team expands with an acquittance, while on the other hand, it tells us that the referring colleague is happy at Appwise. We are supportive of atypical employment. Several young mothers have started their Appwise career in the past weeks in part.

Why would you recommend working at Appwise?

Appwise was built from the knowledge, widescale business and project experience of our founders. Professional development is an attractive benefit for our colleagues. As we are focusing on new technologies we can compensate our colleagues with a competitive salary. The feedback we receive shows that our organization focuses on the personalities of the teams. Our communication is absolutely open and transparent. We foster professional development by setting up milestones defining individual career curves. We monitor these steps, provide feedback and even the management receives feedback from every stakeholder.

What does a flat organization mean in the everyday life of Appwise?

We have tested basic processes, and it is very easy to make proposals for improvement and implement them as compared to a hierarchical organization. If somebody has an idea or proposes a change in a process, then we can take it to the decision phase quite fast. There are no closed doors or military hierarchy at us. We have good processes to track the candidates, that’s why we can keep tight deadlines at the selection process.

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