Cookie policy


Cookies are small data files sent to your browser (PC, smart phone, tablet) by the websites you visit. Cookies allow websites to remember the settings of the users. A cookie itself cannot identify you, only your device.

AppWise cookies are used to allow our website to remember your settings in order that we can provide an even better user experience for you when you visit our website next time:

  • pll_language cookie is a kind of „user interface customization cookies” that is used to consistently serve visitors the same language they have seen before.

Expires: 1 year after being set them on your device.

  • cookie „testing the acceptance of cookies” is also a kind of „user interface customization cookies”that is used to recognise whether the visitor accepts use of cookies.

Expires: 1 month after being set them on your device.

Acceptance of these cookies is not mandatory, the website works without it.

AppWise also uses the following third-party cookies to measure the activity of our visitors. Please find the detailed information on the following links:

Deleting cookies:

Cookies are set on your browsing device with your permission and they are automatically deleted after a period of time, but you can decide to delete them anytime. Browsers usually allow you to change your cookie settings. Some browsers accept cookies as default, but you can change it so to be allowed to decice whether you accept them or not. Please find all important information regarding the setting of the cookies on the particular browser on the following links:

Google Chrome:

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