Are you considering applying? Useful information on the selection process at Appwise 


We have collected questions and answers in connection with the selection process at Appwise that our applicants may find useful. Should you have other questions in relation to your application or a position click here (link to Contacts) to contact us.

How many rounds does the selection process consist of?

On a general note, we have 3 rounds of interviews with the applicants. First, we evaluate the submitted CV and decide whether you are a promising candidate for the position. Then you are invited to a personal or Skype interview of about 30 – 60 minutes at the HQ of Appwise supplemented with a professional test or specific interview. Depending on the position, should you work on-site at a customer, you have the option to meet their representatives in the third round of the interviews.

I live abroad and cannot come to Budapest for the interview. Shall I apply anyway?

Indeed. If you live abroad or far away from the capital city the personal interview is organized via Skype with the help of our HR experts on condition your CV was selected.

What language is used in the interviews?

The interview is run in Hungarian, however, your language skills are also evaluated in a free discussion block.

I am looking for a part-time position only. Do you have part-time opportunities as well?

The answer highly depends on the position, we cannot provide you with a general answer. We indicate the work order next to our open positions (link to Open positions). If you cannot find any part-time positions in the list feel free to send your general application to us  (link to the General Information form)  so that we can contact you.

How flexible are the working hours?

Working hours are managed with a flexible approach. We keep ourselves to our saying that the work done counts and not the number of minutes spent in the office. We support home office should you want to work from home time to time or on a regular basis. Home office is approved by your manager; for colleagues working on a project basis, the weekly maximum is three days home office. However, if someone works at a client home office policy might be a bit stricter. Our records show that about 90% of our clients offer room for flexible working hours. Flexibility options are listed next to the position description (link).

Do you support studies?

Basically, we believe in on the job training and studying. As the majority of the project steer our colleagues to yet unknown waters we mutually try to find the best solution to a problem with the support of senior experts. As we keep working with the latest technologies you can acquire knowledge and expertise on a daily basis. If training on new technology that is related to the project is available that would also contribute to the know-how of the team we provide full support in terms of attending the necessary courses and covering the costs.

What is your community like? 

We work on good projects that might bring in professional debates. We are a really young company with a massive and dynamic growth curve where the colleagues are integrated on a regular basis. We have devised a supportive atmosphere, we are open towards each other eliminating the snaggy rules and formalities. We support team-building events to get to know each other, however, many of our colleagues focus on their families as the top priority so participation at the events is voluntary.